Parent Involvement, School Site Council (SSC) and ELAC Committee

Community Outreach Academy  - Parent Involvement, School Site Council (SSC) and ELAC Committee

As schools of choice, all charters schools have something in common — they are places where meaningful parental involvement is encouraged and valued. Few things are more critical to the success of schools than parent involvement. Our charter was established in response to a need in the community/parents and from the very beginning has been strongly sensitive to meeting those needs on an ongoing basis. Parents are a child’s first teacher and strong interaction between families, communities and schools is vital for student achievement. Parent volunteer work for their school can never be taken for granted, and as educators/professionals we appreciate and honor the parents who take their precious time to help our school.

At Community Outreach Academy, we believe that together with the parents and community, we can make a difference. We encourage you to be an active participant in the education- al process. There are several ways that you can participate. You may contact you child’s teacher to help in the classroom or you can ask site managers about volunteers opportunities at our school sites. This year we especially need parents of our English Learners to serve on the English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) and are looking for parents to serve on the School Site Council (SSC).

ELAC and SSC are elected groups of parents and staff. ELAC is intended for parents of English Learners to advise the principal and school staff on programs and services for English Learners. SSC’ primary responsibility is to assist in developing, approving and annually revising the school site academic plan. In addition, the SSC oversee the site-based budgeting of categorical funds. Currently, we are in the process of electing members of the School Site Council (SSC) & English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) for the next two school years. You’ve already been asked to submit your name or nominate another parent to become a member of the SSC or ELAC. Now, we ask you to please SELECT CANDIDATES from the enclosed forms (check the candidates that you wish to choose) and bring the forms back to our school’s office by Monday, September 17th, 2018. Thank you for your continued support.

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