Tina Neustrom, Lead Teacher

Tina Neustrom 2nd Grade Teacher COA ElementaryHi, I am Tina Neustrom. I live in Davis with my family, a son Craig and our various animals (dog, Oreo and a rabbit, Amber). I have taught second grade for the last three years and taught first grade prior to that. My teaching philosophy includes an "open door" policy and, quite often, unless I have a meeting, you will find my door open after school to both students and parents. My classroom and students are my biggest hobby, however I manage to belong to a book club and a running club and enjoy those activities in my limited spare time. 

Alexis Brozdounoff Young

noid1y02015Hello wonderful families! My name is Alexis Brozdounoff/Young (Ms. Young), and I am delighted to be a teacher here at COA. Before teaching here, I was a substitute teacher for grades TK-12, taught third grade, and worked as an in-home therapist for children with special needs. In addition to my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, I am pursuing my Masters degree in TESOL-Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. I am scheduled to graduate in fall of 2022! Teaching Language, specifically phonics, is my career passion. I am a firm believer in incorporating social emotional learning, mindfulness, and a growth mindset in the classroom. A critical part of my daily routine with your child in the classroom is to check in with how they are feeling. I am here to support you and your child on their educational journey, so please feel free to contact me anytime you need. In my spare time, I enjoy staying busy and doing things to better myself. I love traveling, eating, hiking, exercising, kickboxing, reading, writing, exploring, getting out of my comfort zone, trying new things, listening to music, crafts, cooking, baking, and spending time with my loved ones (including my beloved cat Luna). I look forward to getting to know you and your child!​

Felipe Avalos


​Hello, I’m Mr. Avalos! I am on my seventh year as a teacher and so far I am having a great time! Growing up I always looked up to my teachers and hoped that someday I can be one. After graduating from Yuba City High School, I attended Yuba Community College, where I received an A.A. in Liberal Arts. I attended CSU Sacramento where I received a B.A. in Government, and Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies, and ultimately I received an M.A. in Education and two teaching credentials from National University. Now that I am a teacher, it is as great as I imagined! I can now give students the gift of learning and share with them the passion in wondering about and discovering all the curiosities of the world around us. Leading students to push themselves and discover all that learning and reading can bring to their lives and how to try to make sense of it all is a position I am lucky to have. Outside of school, I enjoy traveling abroad with my wife and son to learn about other people’s cultures and traditions. I have visited about 25 countries so far and there are so many more to go!

Yuliya Kozlov

Yuliya Kozlov 2nd Grade Teacher COA ElementaryMy name is Yuliya Kozlov. I am a mom of 4 years old boy Vitaliy Jr., and a wife of wonderful man Vitaliy. Sometimes I think that this little family of three extends to a huge family of 23. I am a teacher of twenty wonderful, happy, smart, sometimes very loud 2nd graders, which I consider part of my family. I love each one of them, and see a great potential in all of them. At the end of long and busy day, I close my eyes for a moment to dream. I see my 2nd graders, twenty years from now, becoming great contributors to society. I see them being kind, honest, educated. I am sure that some of them will become great husbands and wives, moms and dads, as well as doctors, lawyers, teachers and experts at other professions. And I will be very proud of them then, as I am now.

Hayley Coulson-Groene

Yuliya Kozlov 2nd Grade Teacher COA ElementaryMy name is Hayley Coulson-Groene.

Laura Velazquez

Laura VelazquezHello! My name is Laura Velazquez

Lyudmila Kotsura

Lyudmila Kotsura 2nd Grade Lead Teacher COA Elementary

My name is Lyudmila Kotsura. I started teaching at COA in 2007.  Teaching is not only my desired profession, but it’s my big passion. I received BA, Teacher Credential, and MA at Sacramento State University of California. My goal is to use my best ability to provide students with high quality knowledge and necessary nurture to cultivate them into successful and liable adults.