Benchmark Advance

Benchmark Advance is a brand-new, comprehensive English program from Benchmark Education Company for Kindergarten through fifth grade. This program is built to address key shifts in curriculum and instruction to meet the demands of the new standards.

Rigorous, integrated reading, writing, speaking, and listening instruction meets the needs of our students and enables all students to master rigorous learning goals with strong resources for differentiated instruction and responsive teaching based upon ongoing assessments.

A forward-thinking approach to English Learner instruction provides unique tools designed to scaffold students to on-level materials, which are complex, high-quality texts built for today's learner.

Supplemental Resources

Our teachers use several other programs to supplement their instruction in order to ensure that they always have just the right material to challenge our students in all subject areas.  In science, our students are working with the Next Generation Science Standards via an online program called Stemscopes.  It has lots of interactive features to hook students into advanced scientific concepts and discovery as well as hands-on experiment ideas for teachers. 

Studies Weekly

California Studies Weekly is a social studies standards-based curriculum. The program offers printed units and web-based primary source materials. The lesson plans include rigorous and relevant assessments, vocabulary, writing, and reading materials designed to foster critical thinking skills and help students better understand the contexts of history and social studies.

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