ESL Program

English Language Development Program

Community Outreach Academy has a student population of more than 90% English Language Learners. It is the explicit mission of the school to increase students’ English language skills. This is done through multiple methods. All classroom teachers are certified as teachers of English Language Learners. Teachers use specific strategies proven to increase student acquisition of a second language. A supplemental vocabulary curriculum by Steck-Vaughis being implemented for grades 2-5. For Kindergarten through 2nd grade, the students will receive a weekly lesson in bi-lingual instruction based upon their Treasures story vocabulary for the week. This will increase understanding of the content being taught in the core curriculum while also increasing their native language.

Because most of our students’ first language is Russian and/or Ukrainian, we provide an elective twice a week for students to develop and maintain their native language and culture. Research proves that an understanding of the reading process in the native language transfers to the second language acquisition.

For newcomers to the United   States (in the country 2 years of less), we provide a pull-out program in grades 1-6. This service is also available for students who scored below the Intermediate level on the California English Language Development Test. The curriculum for this program is aligned with our EL Treasures component. It is a CA state adopted program for English Language Learners. For this program, students are pulled from the regular classroom the least amount of time as possible. COA believes the most ideal place for EL students to learn grade level standards is in the regular classroom.

The English Language Development program also strives to support content in the regular classroom by having clear, consistent communication between all teachers. The ELD class supports students in their classroom goals as often as possible. The ELD teacher provides a trimester progress report to teachers and to parents. Students are exited from this program when they complete the levels, or the teachers feel the student can function well in the regular classroom.

The ELD teacher is responsible for determining which students qualify for pull-out services, in conjunction with the principal and teachers. The registrar should forward any new enrollee information to the ELD teacher for evaluation of services needed. The ELD teacher is also responsible for CELDT testing of new enrollees within 30 days.

California English Language Development Test (CELDT)

Students who are newcomers or students who have not been deemed as Fluent English Proficient, or have NOT been Reclassified, must take the CELD test. The CELD test is made up of two main components for K-1, and four main components for 2nd grade and up. Since most of our students are still categorized as EL students, there is a high volume of students who need to be tested each year. To make sure the operation of CELDT administration goes smoothly, the following is a list of procedures that needs to be done at the beginning of the school year:


  • The registrar and principal will work to identify which students need to be tested.
  • Teachers will be notified which students need testing, prior to passing out CELD test materials.
  • Materials will be passed out to teachers upon arrival.
  • The principal will meet with each site to discuss changes, additions, or other important information vital to test administration.
  • The curriculum coaches will block out time to administer CELD tests. Homeroom teachers (grades 2-6) will administer all parts of the CELD test, except the Oral Speaking portion, which will be completed by the CELDT team.
  • After October 31st, newly enrolled students who are newcomers or students who have not been tested for CELD, must be tested within one month.
  • It is the responsibility of the homeroom teacher to request materials from the principal or EL teachers for test these students. If the student has already been tested, then the vice principal will let the teacher know of this, and nothing further needs to be done.
  • If the student has not been tested, the Homeroom teacher or other trained teacher needs to complete all portions of the CELD test.
  • Site administrators should also notify the principal, EL teacher, and homeroom teacher of a new enrollee as soon as possible to start the process of CELDT administration. Please place a copy of the new student notice form in the principal’s box at each site.
  • Once the CELD tests have been administered, please turn them into the principal who will forward them to the district testing coordinator once there are enough CELDTs completed to mail them in a bundle.

Please also keep in mind that CELDT results are to be filed in the students portfolios

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