Mahmuda Nuritdinova, Russian Language Lead Teacher

Mahmuda 2011

Hello, my name is Mahmuda Nuritdinova and I am a Russian teacher at COA Elementary School.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree back in my home country in 1996. From my early childhood I dreamed of being a teacher and I didn’t even consider any other profession for myself. I love working with children and making a positive difference in their lives. I love teaching students and my passion is to see every one of them succeed in school and move on to be great citizens in our society. I am extremely happy to work at a school as great as COA! When I am not at work, I love spending time with my dear husband and three wonderful kids.

Irina Arabagi, Russian Language

Irina ArabagiMy name is Irina Arabagi, and I am incredibly honored to teach at Community Outreach Academy. Prior to teaching at COA, I taught in the public setting for several years. I graduated from Kishinev State Pedagogical University in Moldova with a bachelor degree in Elementary Education. When I came in the United States eight years ago, I took university courses, passed required exams, evaluated my diploma, and finally I obtained a Multiple Subject Credential and Single Subject Credentials in math and Russian language. I love teaching because I enjoy working with children and creating a safe and respectful environment for learning. It is so exciting to see what they accomplish by the end of the school year. I strongly believe that every child is a gift and every child is gifted. That's why my desire for my students is to blossom and believe in their abilities.

Alena Nichyparuk, Russian Language Para

Alena NichyparukMy name is Yelena Nichyparuk. I have 20 years of teaching experience. I love my job. I enjoy teaching and spending time with kids, that is why I have 290 of them. I come from the family of teachers. My mom, aunt and my husband are all in teaching profession

Olena Golub, Russian Language Para

Olena Golub Para Educator Russian Language COA Elementary

My name is Olena Golub. From my early childhood I was lucky to have very gifted and talented teachers. I was inspired by them to become as great of a teacher as they were to me. My dream came true when I graduated from Kirovograd State Pedagogical University in Ukraine with a bachelor degree in Russian Language and Literature. After graduation I taught Russian at a local college. I am very blessed to continue doing what I love, which is teaching, after coming to the United States. It is a big privilege for me to be part of a professional, talented, and friendly team at COA. I love teaching our students Russian Language and Literature and keeping them connected to their cultural roots. I believe knowing the Russian Language will help them be more successful in the future. Our students are very capable and talented, so together, with a little help from parents, we can move mountains.  

Irina Krasina, Russian Language Para

Olena Golub Para Educator Russian Language COA Elementary

My name is Irina Krasina.

Bridgett Locken, Reading Specialist LEAD

 Bridgett Locken 2nd Grade Teacher COA Elementary 2

My name is Bridgett Locken. This is my 11th year working in education.  I have a BA in Child Development from CSUS (Sac State) and a MA in Teaching/Education from USF. I have taught 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and high school science classes before coming to this school.  At C.O.A. I taught 2nd grade for four years and now I am going on my second year as a Reading Intervention Specialist. I am a teacher who creates a safe, engaging, and enjoyable space in my classroom for students to learn and develop their reading skills. I inspire students to discover their intrinsic motivation.  I do this by learning as much as I can about my students. I try to learn about their interests, and what they are passionate about and use that information to help motivate them. I understand that there is a human being behind every test score and that each student wants to be successful. I provide a variety of resources and viewpoints to students, parents, teachers, and administrators to support success for all students. I know that if my students can read successfully then they will have more opportunities to experience an amazing life.  I want all of my students to have every opportunity to have a successful and amazing life.





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Carol Moore, Reading Specialist

Carol Moore

I feel very blessed to be able to spend my days at COA Elementary! My days are filled with helping kindergarten and first grade students gain confidence and skills in reading. My career in education began over 30 years ago. Throughout my career my philosophy has always been to teach to the child’s heart in order to reach their mind. I spend my free time with my husband of 33 years and our four grown children. My favorite hobby is playing my violin.

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Chue Cha, Reading Specialist


Nyob zoo! That means “Hello” in Hmong. I am a wife and mother of two amazing children. My family and I love to go on road trips and to try new eateries. In my spare time, I love trying out new recipes (especially baked goodies) and sharing with family, friends, coworkers, and on occasion, my students.

I have been in education for almost 20 years now! I started as a para-educator for a local school district and after receiving my teaching credential from UC Davis, I started my teaching career as a fifth grade teacher.

This will be my 15th year of teaching at Community Outreach Academy! When I joined COA, I taught 1st grade for seven years before looping to 2nd grade for three years. In my current role as a Reading Specialist, I find great joy in working with small groups of students in improving their reading skills. My mission is to create a safe and comforting environment for my students; they will know that it is okay to make mistakes because they are learning. During their time with me, they learn to decode words while developing their vocabulary and comprehension skills through motivating, engaging and supportive lessons. I look forward to working your student and thank you for your support!

Cassandra Katz, Math Intervention Teacher

Cassandra Katz 3rd Grade Lead Teacher COA Elementary

Hi there! My name is Cassandra Katz and I am COA’s math intervention teacher for grades 2-5.  While growing up I spent a lot of time in my mother’s classroom and taught gymnastics. At a young age I loved helping those around me become successful in school and sports. This naturally grew into a desire to become a teacher. I received my bachelors in child development and my teaching credential from Sacramento State. I have taught fourth grade, third grade, and now am happy to be COA’s Math Intervention Teacher. My main goal is to have students feel confident in their math abilities and to love math. When I am not in the classroom, you can find me rock climbing in Tahoe, hiking/backpacking, playing board games with friends, and spending time with my family (husband, son, and two dogs). Please follow our math intervention classes on Instagram @ mrs.katz_math to see COA students transform into mathematicians!  

Behzod Nuritdinov (Mr. Beck), ESL Teacher

Behzod Nuritdinov

My name is Behzod Nuritdinov and my students call me Mr. Beck.

I am a GATE teacher at COA. ‘GATE’ stands for ‘Gifted and Talented Education’. At COA we not only help struggling students, but also offer advanced classes to our brightest students. This year I will be teaching courses from Project Lead The Way (PLWT). On Fridays I will continue teaching 3D Printing and Video Production classes to our GATE students.

I came to USA in 2016 from Uzbekistan where I graduated from the University as a teacher of Biology and Chemistry. As I began my teaching career there, in conjunction to teaching Biology, I began to teach English language. It was then that I discovered my passion for teaching. Currently, I hold three Teaching Credentials in California: Multiple Subjects, English, and Biology. 

I love working at COA Elementary School, because this unique school gives many opportunities to all the students of our big and great school. I am glad to join the ranks of wonderful COA staff and say with them, “Whatever it takes, our kids are worth it!” 

In my free time, I love to spend time with my wonderful wife and three great kids.

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Roza Kibak, ESL Teacher

Roza KibakI'm glad to have you here! I want you to learn more about your teacher. First of all, I'm a mom too. With my husband we have a great family of three wonderful kids. From the age of 23 I have been working as a teacher of English, first in Chernovtsy, Ukraine, and now in Sacramento. I've got my bachelor's and master's degrees in the English language and literature and have had over than 15 years of ESL teaching experience when I came to the United States in 2004. In the USA I continued my education taking classes in the University of San Diego and National University. As an ESL teacher, I'd like to talk about ELL approaches how to increase background knowledge in the subject areas. Our ESL program is designed as a pull out program where the students leave the classroom to meet with the ESL specialist. This type of model may allow the ESL specialist to group students across classrooms or grade levels who are at a similar level of English proficiency for ESL support. This program model is especially effective for beginning ELLs who need to develop "survival" English skills. Working with English language learners, I realize that knowledge of words and ability to use language are essential to success. Your children participate in the program called Let's Go. This program helps build the speaking and thinking skills that are needed for children to do well in school. They will learn to listen carefully, say things well, and follow directions. The most important thing you can do is to let your children know that the work in Let's Go is very important. It shows them what school learning is and gives them practice with the language of school. It's a real pleasure to work with your children. I feel myself young as I'm always among kids.

Olga Navai, ESL Teacher

Olga NavaiI started my education and carrier as a teacher in Kazakhstan, Almaty, where I received my master's and bachelor's degrees in speech therapy, special education, music and English. I've had over than 10 years of teaching experience when I came to the USA in 1999. I continued my education in America taking classes at the National University. After I received my Multiple Subjects teaching credential and Master's degree in Cross -Cultural teaching I started working in COA as an ESL teacher. Being an immigrant, I understand multiple challenges our parents and children face when they come to America. In our school we all work together to help our newcomers master the English language while support their adjustment to new country and environment.

Pavel Golub, PE LEAD Teacher

032 774A0133Hello there! My name is Pavel Golub.  I graduated from National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education. I attained a California State, Clear Single Subject Credential from, California State University of Sacramento which allows me to teach PE in 12th grade and below. I have been teaching in Gateway Community Charters since 2004. My prior teaching experience includes High School, Middle School, and one year of Elementary.As a boy I really enjoyed sports.  In 5th grade I won my first 60-meter dash in my school, and from that point on I participated in all sorts of competitions, progressing from school competitions to national competitions. From my experiences I learned that you grow more as a person from failure than from winning. This is what I want all my students to learn from my teaching besides being healthy. When you lose you can’t just quit; you have to keep on going! I have a lovely wife and three amazing kids. My oldest daughter is currently serving and protecting this country in the Air Force. I also have a German Shepard, Rudi who loves playing, and the most handsome cat who is a Siamese Ragdoll, Toby. The whole family treasures them dearly. I believe and hope all of my students will learn to grow from their defeat and not only become physically stronger, but also mentally! Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading

Kate Rossle, PE Teacher

noid1q02042Hello, my name is Kate Rossle and I teach Physical Education. In 2015 I graduated from Sacramento State University with Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Right after, I enrolled in the Credential program to become a teacher and had a chance to work in COA as a teacher intern. I also got a Master’s Degree in Education in 2017. Being a teacher is in my heritage because my mother and father are both teachers, as well as my grandmother and my aunt. I work in COA since 2010, and I am very pleased with our family here. I enjoy being a teacher, and I feel so lucky that I have a chance to see how students grow and how much they can learn. I believe that each student is an individual and each one of them needs special attention, and this is what I try to do in my classes. And our school credo is very suitable here “Whatever it takes – our kids are worth it.”

Victor Sotnikov, PE Para

Victor SotnikovHello, my name is Victor Sotnikov.

Vadim Semenchuk, PE Para

noid1y02015Hello! My name is Vadim Semenchuk. I am a PE Para at Dudley B.

Paul Derevyanchuk, PE Para

Victor SotnikovHello, my name is Paul Derevyanchuk.

Timothy J. Strauch II, Technology Teacher

Tim J.Strauch II

Tim Strauch, II is in his 16th year at our school and is currently COA’s Technology Teacher, Morning Message announcer, Character Education Coach, and Student Leadership Advisor.

Tim began his teaching career in 1997 teaching 7th through 12th graders before becoming a founding teacher of the Achievement Academy, which serviced retained 8th graders.  While working at the Achievement Academy, Tim went back to school to earn his multiple subject teaching credential and Masters of Education degree from National University.  In 2004, Tim was hired by Grant Community Outreach Academy (before it became Gateway Community Outreach Academy).  At COA, Tim taught 4th grade for seven years, was a Curriculum Technology Coach at the elementary site and part time vice principal at COA Middle School for two years, taught 6th grade for four years, and is now the Technology Teacher for the entire student body of COA.

In 2012, NFL Films featured Tim in their “A Football Life” program honoring the life of its co-founder and president, Mr. Steve Sabol.  The show continues to be re-broadcast on the NFL Network.  In 2014, Tim was featured on FOX 40 News’s “Salute to Service” for his creativity and inspiration for his students.

Tim comes from a long line of educators in the Strauch family, as the Strauch’s were one of the first families to settle in Elverta, CA.  The David Strauch family donated land for one of the first schools in that area to be built.   Hazel Strauch School in the Twin Rivers Unified School District is named after Tim’s great-great aunt.   Tim’s father taught in the Grant High School District for 38 years.  He also has cousins that are teachers and one is even a professor at Whitworth College in Washington.

Before teaching, Tim has been involved in the entertainment industry working with his father (who was known as Timo the Clown) at many state and county fairs throughout California and Nevada.  Tim has performed at Disneyland and Six Flags Magic Mountain theme parks as world famous characters.  He was also the mascot for the 4 time Pacific Coast League Champion AAA Baseball team, the Sacramento River Cats where he earned TWO championship rings!

Tim is happily married to his wife Susan and together they enjoy traveling and working on home improvement projects.

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Alesia Ryazantseva, Technology Para

005 774A0019My name is Alesia Ryazantseva.

Jennifer Marzion, School Psychologist

Bridgett Locken 2nd Grade Teacher COA Elementary 2My name is Jennifer Marzion