Congratulations to our Champions!

Community Outreach Academy  - Congratulations to our Champions!

My name is Kate Rossle, and I am a teacher at Community Outreach Academy.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Sacramento State University in 2015, and recently, I received a Master’s Degree in Teacher Leadership. I have been working at COA for the past seven years, and three of those years, as a physical education teacher. Currently, I am the lead teacher in my department.


The world around us is full of technology, and more often we notice that our children are becoming less and less active. They spend much more time in front of laptops, smartphones, TVs and other screens. Since we live in such a modern world with technology all around us, it is very important for students to know how to use it, but they should not forget to be physically healthy as well. Parents need to be in control of the learning process of their child.  Children should have limits on their screen-time and should have a set amount of time to spend on their physical development. Without proper time restraints on use of technology, children's' health can start decreasing which can result in reduced vision, physical impairment, aggressiveness, and nervousness.

As a physical education teacher, I would like to encourage our parents and students to be physically active as much as possible. As all of you know in our city, we lack mobility, and our primary transportation is a personal vehicle.

 Therefore, for some children, physical education classes are their only chance to be active.  In our school, we know physical activity is essential for our children’s health, which is why we start physical education as early as kindergarten. While in other elementary schools physical education classes are not provided. It is a scientific fact that children should be physically active beginning at an early age. As the Ancient Greeks used to say “If you want to be strong — run. If you want to be beautiful — run. If you want to be smart — run.” In our classes, we try our best to motivate our students to participate in any physical activities and sports. During our classes, we strive to teach a variety of games to entertain all children and gain diversified physical development. In our school, we have everything to provide high-quality training of physical education (artificial soccer field, basketball and volleyball courts, and high-quality sports equipment).

Community Outreach Academy  - Congratulations to our Champions! 2017 soccer

Additionally, to inspire our students to be even more active, we have soccer, basketball, volleyball, and Olympic Games school teams where we compete with other schools in the district. In my seven years at COA, I have witnessed our soccer teams get first place in all their tournaments and league games. We were champions in basketball for the past three years, got second place in volleyball, and have first place in Olympic Games. Every day in my classes I see around 300 students, and I can say that our students are very talented and have outstanding physical abilities, sadly a majority of them don’t use these skills and abilities outside of school.  Every time I see students with athletic talents that they do not use, I feel sad that they don’t participate in outside professional sports, some of them could become outstanding athletes. I would like to encourage our parents to send their children to sports clubs. There are students in our school who participate in popular kids’ soccer leagues and I am sure one day we will see them in some of the legendary soccer teams.  Many clubs are very affordable and professional. Sports clubs will not only help your child to develop physically, but could help to build a future in professional sports.

Kate Rossle, Lead PE Teacher

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