Stem Outreach Academic Reinforcement (SOAR)

Community Outreach Academy  -Stem Outreach Academic Reinforcement (SOAR)

This year we are proud to announce the development of a new program in 5th grade called SOAR. SOAR stands for Stem Outreach Academic Reinforcement and will be implemented in just one class this year, but will grow to include more classes as the years progress. SOAR is a long-term collaboration between COA, the UC Davis Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering program, and the Aerospace Museum of California. Through activities at school, tours, and other events, SOAR is intended to inspire students to think critically and develop a love for the pursuit of science.

Throughout this school year, UC Davis Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering graduate students will work with students in Mr.Romero’s class on several scientific and engineering activities meant to foster exploration, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. In addition, we hope to see strong relationships form between our students and mentors. These activities will take place at the Aerospace Museum of California and COA. In fact, we already held our annual kick-off event at the Aerospace Museum and have planned our next activity for February 4th. Our kick-off event was a great success as students and mentors had the chance to work together to solve STEM related challenges. Although this program is just in the beginning stages, we anticipate making it available to every student that passes through COA’s 5th grade.

Daniel Diego, Curriculum Coach

Community Outreach Academy  -Stem Outreach Academic Reinforcement (SOAR) pipeline

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