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My name is Daniella Manzyuk. This is my second year as the Student Support Specialist at COA Elementary, and I absolutely love my job! I get the privilege of working with remarkable kids every day, and there’s nothing else I would rather do.

In my role as the Student Support Specialist, my number one priority is to be there for our kids. As the eldest to immigrant parents, I understand the frustrations our newcomers go through when the culture is different from what they’re used to and they can’t understand everyone around them due to a language barrier.

When parents try to maneuver through a separation, when sibling rivalry heats up at home, when it seems like they keep getting left out in their circle of friends, or when someone close to them passes away… These problems become the weight of the world on their shoulders during their young years of development, and sometimes, it becomes all they can think about. This weight begins to affect their ability to learn and hinders their aptitude to do well on their assignments at school. I get the opportunity to encourage them and remind them that everything will turn out okay and that they have the ability to succeed through whatever they’re going through. Now, there’s nobody that could ever take the place of a parent and their guidance in their child’s life, and we take pride in our amazing parents at COA Elementary. However, we can provide our students with some extra support and encouragement while they’re with us at school for a big part of the day. I have an open door policy for students who are having a rough day and just need someone to give them their undivided attention. I get the opportunity to show them we truly care about their wellbeing, constantly remind them that each and every one of their individual lives matter in their own unique way, and strive to make sure every student KNOWS they have the ability to do great and be great! Just like I have an open door policy with our students, I am also open to our parents for any questions or concerns that arise pertaining to my role. I want our parents to be confident that their children are getting the highest level of attention possible for their emotional, social, and academic growth. Whatever it takes—our kids are worth it!

Daniella Manzyuk
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