This month, COA was delighted to host another of our annual Family Reading Nights. This year’s reading adventure opened with dinner for all, then kicked into high gear at the photo booths. From there, passports in hand, students embarked for a romp through a world of author- and genre-themed classrooms, broadening their horizons with each new stop. Together, participants discovered that reading has something to offer everyone. Students were treated to a smorgasbord of stories punctuated by travelsized reading-related projects that saw them creating personalized bookmarks and joining in a “bookwalk” for the chance to take home new books as souvenirs of their excursion. While playing games and working together on crafts, students and their families explored new frontiers of reading in pursuit of our mission: making reading a daily event.

At COA, we’ve discovered that the more students read, the better they get at reading - and, with it, writing and math. 

Tatyana Kisel, Vice Principal

Community Outreach Academy  -Student Support Specialist FRN2017 1

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