CKH - “Capturing Kids’ Hearts”

CKH - “Capturing Kids’ Hearts” is an acronym which, for the last several years, has been growing in popularity and familiarity throughout the school system and has become a sort of motto for many educators. How do we, as parents and teachers, capture such frail, precious, and young hearts—capture, conquer, and sow—in order to be able to reach the mind, habits, character, to channel the endless energy and potential that lives in every child toward something noble and good? This is a truly monumental task.  However, there is another acronym which we seldom use, and  it is just as important: CAH - “Capturing Adults’ Hearts”. We can see the need for this in our children’s eyes, in their timidly raised hands, in their tears, in their achievements and failures, even in their childish rebellion. “Hey, let me into your adult world, hear me out, understand me, reach out to me, share a part of your heart with me!” A true mentor - a teacher, a mother, a father - must have the ability to hear this often subtle cry for help and know how to react to it. A child’s education is a two way street: we strive to reach our little ones as they try to reach us. Therefore, capturing the heart of a little one is only possible if we give them our own heart in return. 

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