As an educator, I have always been firmly convinced that every school should have music and singing lessons, and that every student should develop skills and understanding in the field of musical culture. By connecting with the art of music, a child connects with beauty and harmony and is transformed morally and spiritually. In addition, it is scientifically proven that musical education improves children’s ability to read, learn multiple languages, and does well in mathematics. Music contributes to the development of figurative thinking and spatial imagination, and this is necessary in order to understand geometry, algebra, and other exact sciences. Playing a musical instrument develops and strengthens the coordination of hearing and hand motor skills. All this contributes to the development of literacy and the development of beautiful handwriting. Listening to music, playing a musical instrument, and studying music theory develops the areas of the brain associated with sound processing, which allows children to do better in other academic disciplines. Moreover, as Finnish scientists have found out, additional music lessons at school help to improve not only academic knowledge and discipline, but also have a positive effect on the psychological atmosphere in the class as a whole. So may we help our children not only to connect with the mysterious world of music, but also to learn and love it forever?

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