Roza Kibak, ESL Teacher

Roza KibakI'm glad to have you here! I want you to learn more about your teacher. First of all, I'm a mom too. With my husband we have a great family of three wonderful kids. From the age of 23 I have been working as a teacher of English, first in Chernovtsy, Ukraine, and now in Sacramento. I've got my bachelor's and master's degrees in the English language and literature and have had over than 15 years of ESL teaching experience when I came to the United States in 2004. In the USA I continued my education taking classes in the University of San Diego and National University. As an ESL teacher, I'd like to talk about ELL approaches how to increase background knowledge in the subject areas. Our ESL program is designed as a pull out program where the students leave the classroom to meet with the ESL specialist. This type of model may allow the ESL specialist to group students across classrooms or grade levels who are at a similar level of English proficiency for ESL support. This program model is especially effective for beginning ELLs who need to develop "survival" English skills. Working with English language learners, I realize that knowledge of words and ability to use language are essential to success. Your children participate in the program called Let's Go. This program helps build the speaking and thinking skills that are needed for children to do well in school. They will learn to listen carefully, say things well, and follow directions. The most important thing you can do is to let your children know that the work in Let's Go is very important. It shows them what school learning is and gives them practice with the language of school. It's a real pleasure to work with your children. I feel myself young as I'm always among kids.

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