Pavel Golub, PE Teacher

032 774A0133Hello there! My name is Pavel Golub.  I graduated from National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education. I attained a California State, Clear Single Subject Credential from, California State University of Sacramento which allows me to teach PE in 12th grade and below. I have been teaching in Gateway Community Charters since 2004. My prior teaching experience includes High School, Middle School, and one year of Elementary.As a boy I really enjoyed sports.  In 5th grade I won my first 60-meter dash in my school, and from that point on I participated in all sorts of competitions, progressing from school competitions to national competitions. From my experiences I learned that you grow more as a person from failure than from winning. This is what I want all my students to learn from my teaching besides being healthy. When you lose you can’t just quit; you have to keep on going! I have a lovely wife and three amazing kids. My oldest daughter is currently serving and protecting this country in the Air Force. I also have a German Shepard, Rudi who loves playing, and the most handsome cat who is a Siamese Ragdoll, Toby. The whole family treasures them dearly. I believe and hope all of my students will learn to grow from their defeat and not only become physically stronger, but also mentally! Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading

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