Olena Golub, Russian Language Teacher

Olena Golub Para Educator Russian Language COA Elementary

My name is Olena Golub. From my early childhood I was lucky to have very gifted and talented teachers. I was inspired by them to become as great of a teacher as they were to me. My dream came true when I graduated from Kirovograd State Pedagogical University in Ukraine with a bachelor degree in Russian Language and Literature. After graduation I taught Russian at a local college. I am very blessed to continue doing what I love, which is teaching, after coming to the United States. It is a big privilege for me to be part of a professional, talented, and friendly team at COA. I love teaching our students Russian Language and Literature and keeping them connected to their cultural roots. I believe knowing the Russian Language will help them be more successful in the future. Our students are very capable and talented, so together, with a little help from parents, we can move mountains.  

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