Kate Rossle, PE LEAD Teacher


Hello, my name is Kate Rossle and I teach Physical Education. In 2015 I graduated from Sacramento State University with Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Right after, I enrolled in the Credential program to become a teacher and had a chance to work in COA as a teacher intern. I also got a Master’s Degree in Education in 2017. Being a teacher is in my heritage because my mother and father are both teachers, as well as my grandmother and my aunt. I work in COA since 2010, and I am very pleased with our family here. I enjoy being a teacher, and I feel so lucky that I have a chance to see how students grow and how much they can learn. I believe that each student is an individual and each one of them needs special attention, and this is what I try to do in my classes. And our school credo is very suitable here “Whatever it takes – our kids are worth it.”​

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