Svetlana Kurdoglo

Svetlana Kurdoglo 5th Grade Teacher COA ElementaryI was born on a cold wintery night on March 3, in Moldova. As a middle child I obeyed my parents, and I always tried my best. Life was simple, joyful and pure. However, it was interrupted when my family decided to immigrated to the United States. As an adolescent it was difficult to adjust to the new customs and culture of the Americans. With hard work and effort, I assimilated to the American customs, and I learned the language; however, my core values remained unchanged. I went to Junior High, and then to Valley High School. As a senior in high school, I went to Ukraine on a missionary trip. This trip has shaped my career path. When I came back, I knew exactly who I wanted to become – a teacher. After five years of intense studying at the California State University in Sacramento, I acquired my Bachelor's Degree and my Credential. At the same time, I married my wonderful husband, and I had two amazing children; Nelly who is four, and Eugene who is turning one. As a teacher, I take everyday as a new clean slate. It is an adventure and a process. Everyday I teach based on a Chinese philosophy "When I hear, I forget; when I see, I remember, and when I do, I know." As a class we learn together, have fun together, and most importantly we grow together.

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