Benjamin Nesteruk, Site Manager (Pavilion & Dudley)

Benjamin Nesteruk BENJAMIN NESTERUK (known as Mr. Ben) Mr. Nesteruk (known as Mr. Ben), has been with Community Outreach Academy for six years. He started out as a Site Manager at COA Middle School working with 7th and 8th grade students and their families. Mr. Ben enjoys working with students and helping them find the appropriate solutions to succeed academically and grow individually to their best potential. Mr. Ben takes pride in serving the community. It is his pleasure to be a part of  life-changing experiences for each COA student. Mr. Nesteruk is a loving husband and a father of three children. His personal experience with the teenage years of his own children help Mr. Ben to support parents who are new to challenges of transitional years in their child’s life. On a personal side, Benjamin always looks at life from a  positive perspective. He enjoys fishing with his boys and spending time with his family. A good cup of coffee with his wife every morning starts his day on a positive note. This man values family, relationships, and honesty. He serves as an active leader at a small local community church and strives to be a positive influence and an example for people around him.

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