Roman Prishlyak, Vice Principal (3-5 gr.)

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Roman Prishlyak is the Vice Principal for 3rd-5th grades at Community Outreach Academy. He has been a part of COA since 2017 and has had the opportunity to serve COA as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and now as a vice principal. Roman was born in Ukraine but raised in the United States. Growing up, he quickly found his passion, which was education. With each grade that he completed, it became clear that teaching and working in the field of education was his calling. He devoted himself to this goal and never looked back. Roman has a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies, an A.A. degree in Elementary Education, and an A.S. degree in Photography (one of his favorite hobbies). In 2017, Roman was hired as a 4th-grade teacher at COA. He quickly grew into his role as a teacher and devoted himself to the students. During his second year at COA, he took on the role of being the Lead Teacher for the grade level. In 2021, Roman was hired as the Instructional Coach for 3rd-5th grade. During this time, he was able to continue his passion by working with teachers to support the students at COA. His responsibilities branched out in many directions, which allowed him to grow in knowledge and become a stronger educator. In 2023, Roman was hired as the Vice Principal for 3rd-5th grades at COA. He continues to support his teachers and students within this role. His passion for education only continues to grow, and his dedication to the students of COA becomes stronger with each passing day. Roman firmly believes and stands behind these words: “Whatever it takes - Our kids are worth it.”


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