Daniella Manzyuk, Parent Liaison

Daniella Manzyuk Daniella Manzyuk is the Parent Liaison at Community Outreach Academy (COA). She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from California State University, Sacramento in 2016 and began working at COA in 2017. She has worked with children in the public school classroom setting, with large groups of children at her local church, and with students on an individual basis for more than 15 years. Daniella was born in the United States to Ukrainian parents, grew up attending a Slavic church, and received her education in the American school system; she is well-traveled and loves meeting new people of various backgrounds and cultures. As the eldest to immigrant parents, she understands the struggles of our English Learners and the cultural dynamics of our immigrant families. As a mom to three young children, she understands our COA parents' passion for their children's wellbeing, education, and success. Daniella is passionate about seeing students thrive at COA Elementary. She is determined to make sure every student feels supported by their school and their families and knows that they have the ability to succeed and excel in whatever they put their mind to. She understands how big of an impact parents and other outside influences can have on a student’s growth, and wants to see a thriving environment at home and at school for every student. Outside of work, Daniella loves spending time with her husband and three kiddos and taking trips to the coast.

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