Students who come to school on time are the most successful individuals

Community Outreach Academy  -Students who come to school on time are the most successful individuals

Students who come to school on time are the most successful individuals. Getting to school on time is one of the most crucial determining factors of a student’s success, not only while in school, but as an individual who will be able to self-manage in the future. Students who are excessively tardy will fall behind in academic achievement because, by missing the instructional time, they miss the most vital part of the day. Morning instructional time serves as a core foundation for students’ success by setting an objective for the day.


Repeated tardiness reduces time for teaching and learning. It is disruptive to the school environment, disrespectful towards classmates and teachers, and reveals a lack of responsibility on the late student’s part. Repeated tardiness will result in disciplinary action because we view chronic tardiness as a serious problem. When students are tardy, they impact their teachers and fellow students negatively. Tardy students are often required to make up their missed classwork, which results in teachers having to re-structure their lessons or re-teach missed material. Tardiness also distracts teacher’s and classmates’ attention away from learning and leads to more behavior problems and missed instructional time.

Even though parents bring students to school after being tardy, it is still considered as unexcused tardy. Oversleeping, car or traffic problems, family reason, etc. are all unexcused. A tardy is only considered excused under the following circumstances:
1. Court appointments.
2. Student illness .
3. Doctor/dentist appointments pertaining to the student.

A personal appearance of the parent upon student’s arrival to school, and a doctor/dentist note is required to verify the above tardy. According to school policy, tardy students will be warned the first three times upon late arrival. If the problem persists, the following consequences will apply: detention, parent conferences with administrative staff, etc.  Students may also be sent to the Site Manager’s office for additional warnings. Each tardy is documented and calculated at the end of each trimester. Thank you for your support and ensuring students make maximum use of class time and learn to be punctual and responsible. School begins at 8:30 a.m. and beginning the day promptly demonstrates commitment to learning and is crucial for future success.

Alex Banashko, Site Manager

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