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Community Outreach Academy  - Flexible Classroom Furniture @ COA

I am very eager to inform you that COA Elementary School is in the process of an exciting change. Our goal is to transform our classrooms from traditional to flexible seating over the next few years. In case you haven't heard, flexible seating is the new, hot trend for the classroom. It takes the idea of a coffee shop-like atmosphere, where teachers create a variety of different zones/areas, work spaces, and seating options while students can sit where they choose to work comfortably. This means that when students are working, they will have the freedom to find comfortable spaces around the room to work. They could be kneeling, standing, sitting, working on carpet squares, leaning on a pillow with a clipboard, sitting at a desk with an exercise ball or a wobble stool.


If you do some research, you will find that flexible seating is becoming a key element in classroom design. Not all students learn in the same way, nor do they all learn best with tradition- al seating. Every student is unique and has different needs. When students are given the opportunity to choose, they feel empowered. Also, students get more work done when they are comfortable.

Classrooms across the nation are changing the way student workspaces look, for the better. In our classrooms, students will have a variety of choices that include the standard, hard- backed chair with a table or desk. These varied choices include, but are not limited to the following: stools, wobble seats, bean bags, genga blocks, carpets, grassy domes, rocker ottomans, sofas, standing desks, balance boards, conclave booths, and rocking chairs.

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Integrating flexible seating reflects many positive changes in the classroom. Teachers all over the country are stating that flexible seating is more comfortable, helps get their students’ ‘wiggles’ out, and assists in focus. They also report that they enjoy being able to choose seats that fit their mood: relax and spread out on a bean bag, move around on seats with casters, join a group on wobble stools, or tuck into the corner chair to focus alone. COA staff is excited about this transformational change. Join us in making our classrooms successful learning spaces for every child.

Michael Serdi, Vice Principal

Community Outreach Academy  - Flexible Classroom Furniture @ COA FLEXIBLE1 Community Outreach Academy  - Flexible Classroom Furniture @ COA FLEXIBLE2

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