SST meeting

Community Outreach Academy  - SST meeting

At COA we have many interventions in place to help students who need additional support in the classroom. Оne intervention is an SST meeting. This is a meeting where a team meets with parents regarding their student. In this meeting the team discusses the student and different ways their stu- dent can be supported.

Sometimes, but not all the time the SST team can recommend testing. If a student is tested and qualified then the team will develop and Individu- alized Education Program for that student. The Individualized Education Program, also is commonly referred to as an IEP, and is a document that is developed for any public school child who needs additional support to help them be as successful as possible in school. The IEP is creat- ed through a team effort as well as with the students’ par- ents. The purpose of an IEP is to offer your student any ad- ditional support they need such as speech or even pull out time to work with a Resource Specialist Program teacher in small groups. If you receive a call to have a meeting regard- ing your child to meet with the team, please do not worry. The team is there to offer guidance and support, everyone there cares about your child and their success. Not all stu- dents need an IEP or will qualify for an IEP but for those who do it benefits them greatly. IEP’s are confidential the only people who will know your child has an IEP is you and the team. This information will be kept locked away in your child’s cume file and nowhere else.  For more information regarding IEP’s please visit the link below -

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