Community Outreach Academy  - AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM @ COA / ART CLUB NEWS

It is important for every modern artist to be able to transfer the result of his or her artistic talent not only on paper or canvas, but also onto a digital screen. For that reason, this year the Art Club in the After School Program has decided to take their drawing to digital tablets. This type of art is called Digital Art. Drawing on a tablet is not the same as drawing on paper, of course, but the children in the Art Club enjoy this new method of drawing.

The iPad Pro with Apple Pencil is a very comfortable tool in today’s age, and it’s used by many designers, architects, animators, and anyone who uses images or animations in their line of work. For the time being, we use pretty basic apps, such as Adobe Sketch, Adobe Draw, and Paint Can. These programs contain all the necessary tools: Pencil Tool, Pen Tool, Marker Tool. But the favorite among the students is the watercolor brush, which is capable of multicolored strokes. The use of the watercolor brush creates beautiful abstract paintings. This month, we are doing a small showcase, presenting some of our students’ best works. Of course, more advanced drawings are difficult for our students to execute. As a rule, they start by copying existing paintings and then trying to recreate them on their own at their level. Many students come up with their own themes, and through their own creativity they come up with a whole new work of art. I’ve observed some great talent coming from our students!

Darya Charnavusik, Art Instructor

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