For some parents, conferences might be a source of anxiety, but they don’t need to be! Here are some im- portant points to keep in mind: We are all on the same team: More than anything, your child’s teacher wants your child to be successful.

This is a rigorous school: It’s difficult to earn honor roll, and we designed it that way on purpose. High-performing schools have high expectations, and our high expectations played a significant role in our outperforming the district last year on CAASPP by 19% in ELA and 24% in math.


We are a partnership: No school can edu- cate its students without constant support from parents. We need you to hold your stu- dents accountable for tasks such as home- work and to support the learning taking place in class. Ask your teacher what you can do.

Ask questions: As educators, we love what we do! Consequently, we love discussing what we do. We will happily explain why a certain math skill is important or why we assigned a certain homework task.

Growth mindset: Brain science tells us that we can al- ways learn and gain knowledge, and we do so by making mistakes! Students benefit when we reward effort instead of punishing mistakes.
Information is power: Our report cards are specific and detailed for a reason. The more information parents and students possess, the better equipped we will be to raise and educate well-rounded citizens.
Thank you for coming to the parent-teacher conference and for being ready to engage in a respectful dialogue with our wonderful teachers.

Daniel Coonan, Curriculum Coach
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