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Community Outreach Academy  -Student Support Specialist

My name is Daniella, and I’ve recently been hired as the new Student Support Specialist at COA Elementary. I want- ed to officially introduce myself to you all now that I’m getting more into the flow of things in my new position. Some of you have seen me around and know me a little better than others, but I look forward to getting to know all of you more as the school year goes on.

A little about me and my background. I was born in the United States to Ukrainian parents, grew up attending a Russian church, and received my education in the Ameri- can school system, so I have a pretty good understanding of how the cultures differ and how they intertwine. I’ve gotten the chance to travel quite a bit and love meeting new people of various backgrounds and cultures. My background, education, and travels have served to teach me how beautiful our world is and how amazing people are! People are awesome!!We’re all so unique and talented in our own ways! And kids are the greatest of us all! I’m so excited to get to work with our stu- dents in helping them see their poten- tial! I believe every child is special in his or her own way and every child deserves the opportunity to succeed!


As the eldest to immigrant parents, I understand the struggles of our English Learners and the cultural dynamics of our immigrant families because I expe- rienced many of the same things they go through. I want every student to be encouraged often and to feel support- ed. I want every student to KNOW they have the ability to do great and to be great, and I will strive to make each student at COA confident in their abil- ity to succeed.

I have an open-door policy in my office (located at Dud- ley) for students who need someone to talk to. I want them to know there’s always a listening ear if they feel upset or discouraged. I meet with students regularly on an individ- ual basis for emotional support and encouragement if they’re having a difficult time going through something. Our goal is to help them thrive at COA elementary and beyond.

Besides my primary role in dealing with students one-on- one, I am also involved in and help to organize fundrais- ers, assemblies, school events, and various programs that all help advance our students’ wellbeing and academic growth at COA Elementary. Whatever it takes—our kids are worth it!

Daniella Kalinyuk, Student Support Specialist
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