In this short excerpt, I want to draw the attention of our parents as well as our community to the important role that reading plays in the education and formation of a child's personality. Children who can read well from an early age usually do better than their peers in other subjects as well. Furthermore, "children often do not like to read, who learned to do so late. The so-called ‘sensitive period’ (the period of development in which the body is especially sensitive and receptive to learning)" (I. Mamaeva) was missed. Over time, these children often stop reading completely, immerse themselves in social networks, and become addicted to video games and virtual "reality". Passivity, neurological dependence, information diseases, low mental activity - these are just some of the negative consequences of a low reading culture. For reading is not only an aesthetic pleasure; reading is also the intellectual, mental, spiritual development of the child. By reading, they develop the parts of the brain responsible for imagination, for analytical and abstract thinking, and for generating new ideas and discoveries. "If the brain is constantly used and trained, then there is a biological increase in the solidity, density and complexity of intercellular connections, i.e. the human intellect grows" (T. Buzan). And most importantly, while reading, children develop a moral attitude towards the world. The heroes of the books do different things, make different decisions - a child can discuss all this with a parent or teacher, while forming an understanding of good and evil, friendship and betrayal, sympathy and compassion for others, duty and honor. That is why it is so important to instill a love of reading in your child from an early age.

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