Enrichment/ Intervention Classes

Enrichment is a fun elective class! It is a one period class four times per week. We offer you a variety of choices to try to represent a wide-range of student interests. Students will have an enrichment class, unless they have a math support class that is offered at the same time. Students may not always be granted first or second choice because of space or demand, but COA administration will do their best to place students in a session within their top choices. Class offerings may change at the discretion of school staff and administration.

School Newsletter Students will use various computer programs (such as word processing, publishing, etc...) to create a monthly Student Newsletter. In addition to writing articles to highlight important events in our school, the class participants may be asked to interview staff members, take student surveys, and conduct research to add to the newsletter topics.

Art We offer advanced and introductory art classes. Throughout the school year, participating students will work with different mediums to create meaningful visual arts projects. Students may also be involved with school posters or other aspects dealing with art or creativity related to the school.

Russian Drama Back by popular demand, we will be offering a Russian Drama course to students again. Drama students will learn parts to plays, get to work as a team, and have opportunities to perform for our C.O.A. elementary school students. They can also help with behind the scenes items such as set design and costumes.

Cultural Geography Students will get to learn about maps and various regions of the world. Students will also learn cultural characteristics of different areas of the globe in a fun and interactive manner. We may be able to do a Geography Bee if there is enough interest in setting this up. This class will prepare you for future studies where understanding of Geography is essential. All students enrolled in this class are encouraged to participate in the school wide annual Geography Bee competition.

Project Lead the Way (engineering classes) This project based class introduces students to applied mathematics and engineering. Students will envision, design, and test their own ideas through hands-on building. Students should be strong in math and science classes and demonstrates good behavior to qualify for this elective. Prior experience with computers is important.

Teen Leadership This class invites students develop leadership, personal, and business skills. Students will gain an understanding of who they are as individuals and how to function as a team by learning about public speaking and communication. Students will also learn about the need for personal and professional goal-setting as well as what they can do to achieve their goals. All of these skills combined will allow them to have a strong foundation for leadership and success in their futures.

Student Government & Teen Leadership This class is a one-year commitment that includes Student Government, as well as working on the Teen Leadership program, to develop leadership qualities. This course will include planning/setting up for Spirit Days, school-wide assemblies, fundraising, community services, and character building/leadership traits. If you win and elected office it is required that you be in this Student Government course. This is a yearlong commitment for students that want to work on making our campus community excellent!

Yearbook Club In this course, students will get to participate in creating the school yearbook. Some students will get a chance to be a photographer for the school. Students will work on writing captions for pictures and designing layouts for their yearbook pages. Students are pre-screened and expected to have excellent behavior and be model representatives of our school.

Advanced PE/ Weight Lifting Students will get to experience being part of a team in variety of sports opportunities. This session is for students who really like to be active and involved in sports and competition. Advanced PE may include volleyball, basketball, soccer, weight lifting, and more. It is expected that you have all C's and above, and A's in your PE class to participate in this extra sports option. This class is in addition to your regular PE class