Behzod Nuritdinov (Mr. Beck), ESL Teacher

Behzod Nuritdinov

My name is Behzod Nuritdinov and I am an ESL teacher at COA. To my students I am known as Mr. Beck. I came to the USA eight years ago from Uzbekistan where I graduated from the University as a teacher of Biology and Chemistry. As I began my teaching career there, in conjunction to teaching Biology I was also offered to teach English language. It was then that I discovered my passion for English language.   Since I was an ESL student at one point I know from my personal experience what a person has to go through while learning English: I know the struggles and the joy of learning. At this moment I am completely qualified to teach English as I earned my Teaching Credentials in California (Biology and Multiple Subjects). As I was working as a Substitute teacher with GCC district I enjoyed teaching and talking to the administration, staff and students of COA. This unique school gives opportunities to many people in our community and I am glad to join their ranks and say with them: “Whatever it takes, our kids are worth it!” In my free time I love to spend time with my wonderful wife and three great kids.

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