Adam Romero, Lead Teacher


Hello, my name is Adam Romero and I am the newest teacher to the Second Grade at Community Outreach Academy. I graduated from California State University, Chico in 1999 with a Bachelor Degree in Cultural Anthropology. I began teaching during the 2001-2002 school year, making this my eleventh year in education. I attained a California State, Clear Multiple Subject Credential from National University, which has allowed me to develop and expand upon my instructional skills for the students within my care. I fully support the C.O.A. credo: Whatever it takes. My time in the classroom is second only to my family. I am married to my wife Stephanie, and am a proud father to our daughter Isabelle. We are expecting our second child at the end of January. I look forward to seeing the growth of my students throughout the year.

Inga Makayed


Hello, my name is Inga Makayed. This is my fifth year teaching at COA. I received my Bachelor’s Degree and then CA Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials from California State University of Sacramento. Growing up, I always dreamed to become a teacher. The dream has finally come true when in 1998 I received my first teaching job back in Belarus, a small country where I was born and grew up in. I taught German Language for several years before moving to the United States. My burning desire to teach and to serve the community of great people I myself now became a part of kept me going. I learned to overcome the obstacles and pursued my education. “Determination and hard work always pay off,” that is what I keep telling my students every single day. I enjoy jogging, cooking, camping, and traveling. However, most of all I love spending time with my friends. I am looking forward to seeing the smiley faces of my students every day and having a great year with them!  

Serena Watton

 Serena Watton 5th Grade Teacher COA ElementarySerena Watton

Brenna Dunkle

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Hello, my name is Brenna Dunkle. This is my second year teaching here at COA. I am passionate about reading and writing, and I hope to share that enthusiasm with my students. I am also eager to teach my students about respect, responsible, and self-control; these characteristics will help them to be successful both now and throughout their lives. During the school year, I love to watch the students doing activities that they enjoy such as art, music, and sports. During my own free time, I enjoy reading, watching television, and singing. 

Angelina Cole

Angelina Cole 5th Grade Teacher COA Elementary

Hello, my name is Angie Cole. I was born and raised in Sacramento, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to the community that had such a positive influence on my life! I went to high school at CK McClatchy, and went on to get my B.A. and teaching credential from CSU Sacramento in December of 2011. I have always loved working with kids and seeing that “light bulb” moment, when they finally understand a new concept, or master a skill they’ve been working really hard on. My favorite part of working with 5th grade is their ability to work independently, as well as their hilarious sense of humor. When I’m not teaching or working on improving my teaching performance, I love watching many different movies, playing board games, or taking care of my two pets; Buddy (my tuxedo cat) and Elliot (my bearded dragon).



Svetlana Kurdoglo

Svetlana Kurdoglo 5th Grade Teacher COA ElementaryI was born on a cold wintery night on March 3, in Moldova. As a middle child I obeyed my parents, and I always tried my best. Life was simple, joyful and pure. However, it was interrupted when my family decided to immigrated to the United States. As an adolescent it was difficult to adjust to the new customs and culture of the Americans. With hard work and effort, I assimilated to the American customs, and I learned the language; however, my core values remained unchanged. I went to Junior High, and then to Valley High School. As a senior in high school, I went to Ukraine on a missionary trip. This trip has shaped my career path. When I came back, I knew exactly who I wanted to become – a teacher. After five years of intense studying at the California State University in Sacramento, I acquired my Bachelor's Degree and my Credential. At the same time, I married my wonderful husband, and I had two amazing children; Nelly who is four, and Eugene who is turning one. As a teacher, I take everyday as a new clean slate. It is an adventure and a process. Everyday I teach based on a Chinese philosophy "When I hear, I forget; when I see, I remember, and when I do, I know." As a class we learn together, have fun together, and most importantly we grow together.

Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams 4th Grade Teacher COA ElementaryHello! My name is Rebecca Williams, and I have been teaching at Community Outreach Academy since 2007. I received my degree and credential from California State University at Sacramento. I have a multiple subject teaching credential with supplements in English language arts and in science. I love my profession! I also really enjoy spending time with my husband and my daughter. My other hobbies include reading, camping, and playing the clarinet.

Cynthia Schneider

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Hi, my name is Cynthia Schneider and I’m happy to be a part of the Community Outreach Academy family where I am currently working as a fifth grade teacher.  My prior teaching experience includes:  Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade and Fifth Grade.  I am a graduate of Sacramento State University of Sacramento and completed my MS in Elementary Education for Gifted and Talented and Special Education at Staten Island University of New York.  I have taught in both traditional and public charter schools in numerous states.  I was drawn to teaching because of my genuine desire to make a difference in a child’s life.  I enjoy seeing the “Light Bulb” go off as a new idea is realized.  It’s an awesome responsibility that I relish. I am married with two older children, Megan and John. Our family loves our two pets Daisy, a beagle and Misty who is a sweet, little rescue cat.  On vacations, my family enjoys going on long, road trips to discover the many wonders of our unique country.  During my weekends, I enjoy working in the garden and going on long hikes.  Most of all however, I love reading and have belonged to the same book club for the last 15 years.